Full-Service Title Insurance Company

When you need an experienced and knowledgably full service title insurance and real estate closing company in New Jersey, trust Brennan Title Abstract, LLC.

Like A Google Search

Your title insurance company will search and document the history of your home to verify that your claim to your property is the only valid claim. Our experienced team conducts a thorough search of government records to clear your deed and prepare your property for a shift in ownership.

Protecting Your Investment

While we wish that title searches always yielded a complete picture of your property, unfortunately, due a plethora of potential reasons some records may be missed. Your owners policy protects your home against these type of property claims to your deed. Best of all, title insurance covers you (and is even transferrable to your heirs) for a one time fee at closing.

Dependable Closing Solutions

Beyond documenting the history of your home and helping to protect your investment for you and your next generation, your title company will also help facilitate the completion of your transaction. We ensure that all conditions of the contract are met and assist in the disbursement of funds in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

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